His clients are from different states. Some of them have their businesses online. Helmy holds all his sessions online. The client will explain his or her request by email first. After agreeing on the details, Helmy meets the entrepreneur online via a Skype/imo voice or video call (as agreed by e-mail)

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Business Analysis

Through business analysis, the problem is identified and comprehensive proposals are prepared to resolve it.

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Training Design

When the problem is lack of staff skills and competence, the solution is to design a training package.

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Business Coaching

Coaching is looking into the future. Asking the right questions is important for goal setting. 


Startup company owners face challenges that involve analytic thinking and evolution of different facets of the business. Muhammad Helmy is a business coach with a diversity of skills. When entrepreneurs encounter a business related problem, Muhammad Helmy approaches the subject from different business analysis perspectives. The same ensures not only resolving the current problem, but also the improvement of the line as a whole.

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All businesses start with an idea.  Successful business owners are those who are able to translate the business idea into a unique vision.  A unique vision makes a unique CEO. When the idea takes shape in the mind of the entrepreneur, it fills him with enthusiasm.  

Let’s face reality. For a lot of entrepreneurs, it looks like the number of new and unique ideas decreases over time.  Do not let this bother you.  Muhammad Helmy helps entrepreneurs to do the same professionally.  If your business idea is traditional, you can make it look different by adding some changes to its details.  

Easier said than done? Yes, that’s true. What make things difficult, the entrepreneur has to do it right. In other words, changing the details must be in a way that affect the value added to customer experience. 


When an entrepreneur has a business idea, he wants to study its possibilities before spending money on a feasibility study. The same is applicable for the entrepreneur who is already in business and looking forward to expanding the same. Both need to ask themselves the right questions.
“Ask the right questions if you’re going to find the right answers.” – Vanessa Redgrave
Mohamed Helmy can help an entrepreneur find out if his business idea is appropriate. During the Business Possibilities Coaching Session he asks the entrepreneur the right questions, through which the entrepreneur reaches a decision regarding his business idea.
The questions are simple, yet entrepreneurs don’t have answers to most of them. Although the one-hour-session is enough for educating the entrepreneur about the theme of the questions, it is not enough for the entrepreneur to find the answers .
Accordingly, the entrepreneur needs time to find answers. Once found, he decides to discuss them with Muhammad Helmy in subsequent sessions.
Spending a couple of sessions with entrepreneurs was enough to show that those who work with a team have different experience while looking for the answers.

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