Creativity is so delicate a flower that praise tends to make it bloom. While discouragement often nips it in the bud. Any of us will put out more and better ideas if our efforts are appreciated. With stats like this, chances are you’d say “no” to both the above questions. And here’s why you must make this a practice at work – not to increase your likability but more to motivate your employees, improve morale and increase retention at work.

How many managers are actually using appreciation to energize their workforce? And, why they should be doing it on a regular basis – appreciation and recognition are critical to talent retention.

Compliment often and with Honesty

Just saying “Good job” might not be the best way to get the praise across. Display sincerity and be specific in praising your employees. Send an email to the employee and if you wish CC to the HR personnel or another senior manager in your division. On being specific, mention the specific task or the project you were impressed with for this particular employee. If the employee is a good team player, add that to the testimonial.

Don’t be a miser when showering words of praises towards your employees or coworkers.  Neither should you present false praise; be honest and to the point.

Empathetic employers have happier employees; invest wisely in your people and your company shall retain best talents and render the best in performance.

Encourage and Motivate your Employees

As a manager and a leader your responsibilities toward employee motivation go beyond praise and recognition – you must be striving to motivate and encourage your employees to better performance and excellence.

Tailor Rewards to Employee Expectations

There are many ways to recognize competencies at work and we all do want to be recognized for what we do. But the best rewards are those that you truly want. Tailoring rewards to employee expectations might be the best idea to make your employee happier.

One of the ways to find out about employee expectations is to survey to find more about his/her wants and desires.

Endorse or initiate a regular practice at your workplace of recognizing good talented constituents with recognition at company meetings through certificates of “Employee of the month / year”, or through gift certificates on a job well done in a project. All these are added incentives towards making your constituents feel praised and recognized in an organization. And of course a perk or a raise is always what will help retain the employee in the long-term. But even if your company cannot afford a raise at the present moment, always keep on track on simple free recognition to boost employee morale.