In business schools there is always a focus on consumer marketing and the B2B environment works with other mechanisms. The manager who makes the purchasing decision does so based on three concepts:

  • – One is the product or service, which must provide value to your company
  • – Second is the company that supports him; because as a manager he is running a risk related to his position and the benefits that decision brings to the company.
  • – Third is the person with whom you interact, who must generate trust.
  • In B2C, that person does not exist, “explains Óscar Torres, director of Esade’s B2B Management program; who adds:” 50% of the decision to buy the manager is based on that specific aspect of dealing with people. “

Many sales begin in the online channel

That the decision is based on people does not mean that the strategy of attracting and attracting potential clients does not have an important weight in this way of marketing. Inside and outside the Internet; in fact, the Network has an important weight. “You have to get commercial leads so that the commercial department can then work on them at the sales level;” says Nuria Nieto, director of Industrial Branding.

How are those leads obtained? “Working hard on inboud marketing, attracting attention with expert content on trends, or campaigns that help demonstrate what we sell. “A good example is the campaign carried out by General Electric with podcast to demonstrate the quality of the sound technology it has developed. Or IBM, with the application to analyze the tennis moves in Wimbledon; a way to impact with its big data technology in an audience composed mainly of executives and businessmen”, says Nuria Nieto.

The marketing of the tests

What most differentiates B2B marketing from the consumer is that it is “much more marketing based on creating a dialogue with our interlocutor; and it will be more related to giving proof of the value we have offered to other companies. Even if we put an advertisement for our machine in the press that reads, it will not believe us, what interests us is that we provide ideas and give value to aspects that even today; have not yet recognized as a incompetence.

In the end, selling is helping. It is to reflect on the current situation of the company and help detect areas that perhaps, until now, had not been detected as areas for improvement. And that’s where marketing is fundamentally different, “says Óscar Torres, adding:” You have to educate the company not in the product it makes, but in the problem it solves. The sale is a process that requires knowledge and a specific mentality. Before talking about the product, we must see if we can help the company. We are going to try to understand its context and maybe sometimes we have to say, listen, because we can not help it “.