According to some studies, in Spain almost 26 of every 100 new entrepreneurs are by necessity; among them, experienced professionals who decide to offer their services to third parties as self-employed.

For Camilo Abiétar, president of the Federation of Autonomous Organizations and Entrepreneurs (OPA), “self-employment should be an alternative to the dramatic unemployment figures.” Are you one of them? You have already defined your portfolio of potential clients, but you have doubts about how much to charge on time for your services? If so, take paper and pen.


Check your income

To calculate it, the first thing is to determine the monthly net salary you want to earn. If you do not have it completely clear, you can refer to what you got when you worked for someone else (including social costs) or salaries that appear in collective agreements. Then multiply by two that amount and you add 10%, which would correspond to the days of release, parties and others.


Monthly expenses

We make a separate, because before continuing, you must calculate the monthly expense of your professional activity (telephony, rental of premises, electricity, transportation, office supplies, etc.). At this point, the recommendation is to reduce that chapter to the maximum. Why not enable a small office in your home? You could deduct up to 50% of the expenses related to the development of your activity.

Continuing with the calculation of your rate, to the amount that we had obtained as a result of multiplying it by two and adding 10%, you add the monthly expense. And divide the resulting figure by the number of monthly hours. That will give you the price per hour (excluding VAT).


How do I calculate the amortization of capital goods?

That you have already calculated your hourly rate, but now you want to know the amortization period in equipment goods? Let’s take a computer as an example.

Well, first of all, you must go to the amortization tables set by the Tax Agency every year. In the case of a computer equipment -and for self-employed people under the simplified form of the direct estimation regime (the most common) -, the maximum depreciation coefficient is 26% in 10 years.

To know how many years you can amortize the computer, you must divide 100 by the maximum percentage coefficient, 26%. The result is that you can amortize it over a period between 3.8 years and the maximum of years (10). The latter also determines the life cycle of the equipment.


What if we talk about a table and office chair? The maximum coefficients and period for furniture and other fixed assets is 10% and 20 years, respectively. Do the calculation.

An imaginary case

Enrique is a consultant and business coach. Theirs is to make competitive sales teams. Until last month he worked in a medium-sized company, but the crisis has touched him completely. A devastating ERE has left him on the street. He is 40 years old and has 18 years of experience. Now Enrique wants to offer his experience to other companies. But how much do you charge your service per hour?

We know that our protagonist has set a net monthly salary of 2,500 euros, also that his fixed costs (transport, laptop, telephony …) are 200 euros and that he will work 140 hours a month. Let’s see what your rate would be:

  • 2,500 (monthly net salary) x 2 = 5,000 euros + 10% = 5,250
  • 5,250 + 200 (monthly cost) = 5,450 / 140 = 38.9 euros / hour