The biggest problem for an entrepreneur is not to raise investments, to make your company create or avoid being destroyed by the economy and competition. The real difficulty that entrepreneurs face is their own mentality.

Today we have access to knowledge, we know a lot about everything, but not enough to be experts in something. We lack the right words.

The best words in the best order. The words fit your favorite song, in a poem, pronounced by the person who does it and with the right color to be articulated, a deep and comprehensive meaning in very few characters.

If there is an idea so that it stays in people’s minds, the change will happen, and then you can change the world. Words are stones that build a path to our destiny. From incomprehension to overcoming indifference, words shape the way we think, what we know and who we become.

But the right words can change your life and your history. Here are the words that have changed mine.


“Life is not about you”, Rick Warren

It has helped me to have more humility and understand that my life is part of a bigger plan than mine. Usually we read the opposite: “you are the owner of your own destiny”, “you are the protagonist of your life”, “you are in control”.

Life is about being able to contribute something that I can give to others, be part of something bigger than me, that my plans, that even my own ability.

Even though you can invent something great, or give freedom to all slaves in the world or solve world hunger, life is not that you can do or achieve, is something even bigger.

“Never worry so much about earning a living that you forget to live life”, Dolly Parton

He taught me that trying to do something you love can often get lost. We live in a culture that measures success by how much money you earn rather than how much satisfaction there is in our life. In the last 10 years, I have learned that the months when you feel “very busy” may be months when, in fact, I have not lived at all.


“Tell people what they need to hear, not what you want to say”, Andy Stanley

Empathy is a very difficult skill to achieve. As an entrepreneur, the best business is done by those who can solve a pain in the life of their consumer. Put words with emotions and create products that solve your problems.

As a leader, do not forget that consideration is the most effective form of communication.

“Your greatest weakness may be your greatest strength”, Pablo De Tarso

I am a born teacher. Explaining something, talking, selling and convincing others is practically “natural” in me. But many times my words have hurt people. So my greatest strength may be my greatest weakness. But what I believe is my weakness, has been a great strength.

One weakness of mine is that I am very anti-social. What has given me a particular vision of life, has allowed me to learn, analyze things before saying them.

“Less is more”, Mies Van Der Rohe, Architect

A designer is someone who, unlike someone else, can do something beautiful with the same tools and at the same cost. But the more practical the design, I realize that its purpose is not to look at many things, but only one. A designer is not happy when he adds more things, but when he takes away. Designing a beautiful life does not involve adding things, it involves removing.


“When you argue something, the goal is to win the heart of the other, not be right”, Matthew L. Jacobson

Arguing, debating and marketing are very important pieces in persuasion. And persuasion is a skill that every entrepreneur must have. In my experience, the secret to removing the fear of direct confrontation is to re-establish your respect for the other.

Our thoughts are connected with our hearts. Do not debate to be right, you can have it and stay alone. Being right and losing the heart of the other is a failure. Your company will be built by the effort and unity of your people.

Remember, people do not care what you want to do, until they realize they are important to you.

“It is impossible to be spiritually mature while we are emotionally immature”, Peter Scazzero

I can not be rationally mature if I am emotionally immature. Emotion and reason are not opposites that I choose one or the other. We all tend towards one. But as I integrate them, I am a more mature person in reality, with myself and with others.


“We change when the pain of being the same is stronger than the pain that involves changing”, Dr. Henry Cloud

The old saying, “no pain, no growth” is true. But in life, pain does not always mean evil. I have learned to associate the word pain with growth or new beginnings. It has helped me not to spend my life avoiding pain but instead identifying that certain pains are good for my growth. Pain makes me grow, change me and shape the person I want to be.


“Who you listen to will determine who you become,” John C Maxwell

A different version says, you will become the 5 people with whom you surround yourself the most. I do not give my eyes or ears to many. Because my story tells me that those whom I give permission to speak in my life determines the course of my actions, defines the life I will end up having and the changes in behavior that will adjust my current state of existence.

Be cautious to whom you listen. If you let the wrong person speak to your ears, you can end up somewhere far away from where you wanted to go.

“Success will happen to you when you change your effort to make a million dollars in helping a million people”, Dharmesh Shah.

I have spent many years trying to make money make more money. And it feels something superficial and empty. And surprisingly … I did not make much money. It was not until I had a genuine heart to help others when I saw a significant jump in my income. Success is counter-intuitive. What seems like a common response for all is often a path to mediocrity. Instead, the most difficult path is the right path.

One more phrase: “If you do not build your dream, someone else will hire you to build yours.”

I wanted to finish this post with a little motivation. It’s hard, but it’s real.

You can use your resources (time, energy, passion) to build the life you want or you can use them to build the life that the owner of the company where you work wants. For me, these words have motivated me to be a creator instead of a support for another.