Whenever we have a great idea for an invention in any field, the same questions arise. How to patent an idea? How to patent a product? In this article we will explain the basic notions you should know to protect your ideas.

Why should an idea be patented?

It grants you the monopoly of exploitation for 20 years, 10 if it is a utility model. Avoid plagiarism by preventing third parties from reproducing your invention in the countries where you patent. A first year of exclusivity in which the patent is not published and you can negotiate with it or expand it.

How to patent an idea?

Learn about the patent system, the payment of fees and how to write a patent report, which is essential when entering your idea.

Write on a folio face the fundamental aspects of your invention and why you think it is novel. You must describe it with all its characteristics, highlight the advantages and tell what it brings back to the world.

Request a patentability report, which can be done by delivering the folio before written about the benefits of your idea.

Once you have the report, if it is negative, look for projects that are similar to yours and if you continue in the effort to patent the idea, try to improve the existing inventions or think of another alternative.

When you have it, write the patent and go to a patent office to request the corresponding forms that you must deliver after having paid the fees.

Once paid, if there is no formal impediment and all the documentation is in order, in about 18 months the patent will be published. From there, the patent fees will have to be paid each year.


 How to get performance from your patented invention?

Patenting an idea prevents third parties from making use of it or carrying out its manufacture or sale unless they want to buy it first, which will make you earn money. Without a doubt, a way to increase your assets
After the granting of the patent you have a year in which the invention is not published. That year of exclusivity you can use it to license, sell and expand your patent.
Use the Internet to find interested investors. Contact industry organizations that are in the same area of ​​invention and attend business fairs. Introduce investors to your ideas. Make your presentation, show the product and accept the questions.
Close a deal You can sell your patented idea or give the license of your product to investors. If you give a license to a company, they can manufacture the product and sell it for a certain period of time, during which you only get a share in the profits. Once the stipulated period ends, you can renegotiate with that company or take it to another. If you sell it, usually for a significant amount of money, you lose the rights of the invention in the future.


How to know if an invention is already patented or registered?

Internet is the best tool to know if your idea has previous patents, before deciding to patent. We recommend you to look for your idea using one of the following free services:
– Invenes: patent locator of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office

– Espacenet: patent locator of the European patent office.

– Latipat: patent locator in Spanish

– Google Patent: Google’s patenten search engine.