Keep in mind: business model is the mechanism through which the entrepreneurs seek to generate income and benefits.There are companies on the internet created without it, but this is an exceptional and very risky case. Unless you have been in the industry for years, as well as, have the full confidence and capital to start your business and endure several years without generating money, these online business models will help you structure your idea.


Electronic Commerce


Sale of products through the internet. Unlike selling in physical stores it is scalable and easy to take to other countries. It is an intendancy of more and more people feel comfortable paying online. Even so when it runs well it is one of the most profitable businesses online.




One of the first ways to make the website profitable. It consists of teaching advertisements on your content page. As you can guess, the results depend on the amount and quality of traffic you have. Marketing experts are interested in a more segmented audience, so it is good to specify in a specific niche.




It has been used in many traditional businesses such as gyms and newspapers. Nowadays services like Spotify and Dropbox are platforms referring to this type of business model




A Marketplace connects suppliers and customers. There are many types of marketplaces, the most famous cases would be Uber or Airbnb.




Providing digital services through the internet, a very clear example is a social networking agency. The problem is that it is not very scalable since you depend on more personnel to continue acquiring clients and run the risk of staying with excess personnel when you finish some projects. You also run the risk of losing customers when your staff leaves your company, since the client prefers to work with talent, not with the company itself.




This model arises after the appearance of the cloud, allowing companies to rent or sell their product through it. What you previously had to buy and install on your computer or the company’s system, you can now rent for less time and price through the cloud. Examples of this model are Google Docs, SalesForce or Amazon Services.



Virtual Money


It became fashionable in games like second life and exploded with mobile games like clash of clans. The idea is to make real money change to the users by fictitious currency, without the possibility that they change it again




You offer the vast majority of free services, but you reserve certain premium payment options. Many mobile games are crazy in this business model, as well as platforms such as LinkedIn in which paying access to more complete services.




Finish by saying that many models are a mixture of some of those that we have mentioned and that there is nothing written in stone. This is a guide for you to orient yourself and from here innovate or think about how to bring them together to benefit your company or project