Hiring Top Startup Talents

Usually, an entrepreneur has a technical experience in a specific field. He knows more than enough about stuff that makes him a good employee. However, having a startup forces the entrepreneur to go outside his comfort zone, especially when it comes to hiring top startup talents. The entrepreneur is always looking forward to Hiring Startup Talents. Yet, lack of experience and interest in networking with others is an obstacle.

First, lack of interest in networking with others.

An Entrepreneur worries a lot for several reasons; he can’t hire someone he doesn’t trust. It is difficult to trust someone he doesn’t really know. He can simply ask others to nominate a designer. As a result, he receives the same response; ‘I’m not sure, I know a designer, but I do not know if he is good or not’. This is enough to leave any entrepreneur puzzled.

Second, lack of experience.

Once the entrepreneur finds a designer, he doesn’t know-how to decide if he is good. So, this article addresses the challenge of hiring startup talents when the entrepreneur doesn’t have a skill or talent or know-how whatsoever.

Do an online research

The first thing an entrepreneur needs to know for Hiring Top Startup Talents is the type of competence and qualifications the job requires.  Here are the necessary keywords that an entrepreneur need to use while doing  research:

Professional HR Keywords:
  • Job competencies for (name the job)
  • Minimum qualifications required for (the job title)
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) for (department name)
  • (Job title) job description
Other keywords:
  • What makes a top (name the job)?
  • Or, What a top (name the job) looks like?
  • The characteristics of (name the job)
Use the professional HR keywords

We recommend using the professional HR keywords. Because it is good to get familiar with them. A lot of the experience an entrepreneur needs to gain in the beginning is HR related. Reading  the search results for these keywords is enough.  The results will show details about and competence, qualifications,  for the job and the Key Performance indicators for the whole department.  Some startups offer products or services relies heavily on specific technical experience, which he entrepreneur doesn’t have.  For instance, an entrepreneur has a passion for handicrafts. Yet, she never has a chance to learn about making them. Additionally, she wants to own a startup relies heavily on producing handicrafts. So, she is going to hire a lot of handicrafts freelancers.

Read books about the job

In this case, reading books about the handicrafts and handicrafts business is essential  in addition to the online research. The aim of reading the books is not to design a piece of handicraft by herself.  But reading books about the same will teach the entrepreneur about the expectations from a freelancer. What is more, after reading a couple of books, she will learn about the mistakes that someone who has no experience doesn’t discover, which is really a requirement for an entrepreneur.  

Ask for advisors’ advice for Hiring Top Startup Talents

 The entrepreneur should be a part of a team. Usually, one of the team members is wise with experience. The same team member may not know  a good technician, but knows the way to resource him. Such a wise team member may be the investor or the mentor.


Mentors are good for Hiring Top Startup Talents

Having a mentor is very important for entrepreneurs. A mentor is someone wise, who already achieved the exact same goal that an entrepreneur wants to achieve. The mentor shows the entrepreneur the path he took. He also presents to the entrepreneur steps to follow. They are the same steps the mentor followed and led to his success. Chanced are, the mentor hired technicians who are similar to the entrepreneur wants to hire.

Ask candidates to do a test project

Hiring Top Startup Talents takes a lot of efforts from the entrepreneur. We suggest to ask the candidate to do a test project. The results of a test project should reveal to the entrepreneur the best candidate for the job. A big mistake entrepreneurs make is thinking about a big project the startup needs, then asking candidates to do it as a test project.  An entrepreneur should not simply ask the candidate do a test project that takes a month to do. In this case the entrepreneur wants to design a project.  And he is looking for ways to pay the minimum amount of money. And he found that using people’s needs to find jobs is a better opportunity to do so, which is totally unethical. The test project should be simple.

The point of the test project

The point of the test project is to know the way candidates; interact, communicate while working on a project. They don’t do a test project to deliver the entrepreneur a product that he can sell. 


In conclusion, an entrepreneur should do some homework for Hiring Top Startup Talents. The more useful knowledge an entrepreneur possesses the less confusion he faces.  Hiring Top Startup Talents starts by doing a good online research for the purpose of learning. And ends at interviewing candidates personally. There are different ways to find candidates.  An entrepreneur may post some ads and ask his secretary to do the screening task. When the entrepreneur does this by himself, it takes a great deal of time from him.