Interviewing Startup Candidates

Interviewing Startup Candidates is a critical task. To select the right candidate for the startup, an entrepreneur needs to have a clear job description for the job this candidate will do. When the job description has clear tasks, the interview becomes effective and productive. But when the entrepreneur doesn’t have a detailed and clear job description for the candidate, the interview will produce vague results.

Values Vs. Productivity

A lot of  entrepreneurs don’t have experience in Human Resources Management. Consequently, the personal judgment of the entrepreneur plays a major role while Interviewing Startup Candidates.  While Interviewing Startup Candidates, the entrepreneur will be whether driven by his own system of  values or critical thinking. Accordingly, we find that the entrepreneur chooses the candidate driven by one of the following motives:

An entrepreneur who is driven by productivity

The entrepreneur who bases his choices on logical thinking, tends to examine the productivity of the candidate and be critical about it. This entrepreneur doesn’t pay enough attention to examining the values that the candidate possesses. He might end up hiring an experience accountant who lacks integrity.  

An entrepreneur who is driven by values

On the other hand, the entrepreneur who is driven by his own system of values, examines the values that the candidate possesses. Yet, doesn’t pay enough attention to examining the candidate’s level of experience and  productivity.   

Balance between examining productivity and values while Interviewing Startup Candidates

An entrepreneur needs to plan ahead for the interview. By writing down the questions he is going to ask, he can decide on the number of questions that examine the productivity of the candidate and his values as well. This enables the entrepreneur to achieve balance while Interviewing Startup Candidates.

Who makes the interview?

Entrepreneurs who are driven by values tend to delegate the interview. As explained in previous posts, in the beginning, the owner has to conduct the interviews by himself. In such cases, we suggest that the entrepreneur makes the interview with the assistance of a person who prefers critical thinking.  Conducting all the interviews will also help the entrepreneur in gaining experience. After some time, the task will be a lot easier and more effective. 

What does an entrepreneur look for while asking questions while interviewing startup candidate?

Stories. The entrepreneur asks the type of questions that encourage the candidate to tell stories that reflects his way of thinking and the way he behaved in different situations. Therefore, the entrepreneur should avoid Yes/No questions and focus more on the open-ended questions. The stories reflect how the candidate behaves in a situation he has already experienced. What about the situations that a candidate will be going through while working with an entrepreneur? For examining the same, the entrepreneur may ask questions that start with:

  • What if . .
  • And what will you do when . 
  • Or what do you think of . . .

In conclusion, Interviewing Startup Candidates requires some preparation and planning. The proper planning for the interview makes it effective enough. The entrepreneur is aware of the situations that the candidate will be going through. He also knows the way the candidate should behave and think in the same situations. Consequently, the entrepreneur can devise questions that are suitable for testing the candidate. The following posts will present some questions that an entrepreneur can use during the interview. However, the questions created by the entrepreneur are more important than the suggested questions.