Team Contribution

There was a lion named Shira. Shira was counted among the most skilled and cruel hunters of the forest. No one knows how many buffaloes, deer and other animals he hunted with his friends. However, he didn’t value Team Contribution. Suddenly, he began to boast of his ability. One day he ordered his friends ” From now on, I will be the first one who eats from the hunt, after that someone will hand it over to you to eat.” He looked bossy and arrogant. This is the first time they hear something like that.

And so an elderly lion asked, “Hey, what happened to you all of a sudden? Why do you behave this way? ” Shira said, “I deserve it. You enjoy the taste of delicious prey because I am a skilled hunter. If not for my skill, there would be little food for you. I will start eating, and after I’m satisfied, you eat what is left.

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The meeting

The following day, they had a meeting with him. An experienced lion explained to Shira, “Look, we believe that you are a skilled hunter, but it is also true that we contribute to the hunt. Each one of us is doing his best as well. You are making a mistake Shira. Team Contribution is not about doing more.  So, we cannot agree with what you said yesterday. We all hunt together and we will have to eat it together. You need to value Team Contribution.” Shira didn’t listen to what they said. He roared in arrogance and said, “No problem, from now on, I will hunt alone. And you shall hunt without me.” Saying this, he left the meeting and went away.

Facing reality

After some time, he was hungry. A herd of buffaloes was a span of miles away. Shira started roaring. The lion found it hard to catch his prey without the help of his friends. When he went after the herd of buffaloes, they run away. He saw a herd of deers. But he asked himself: How can I catch these very fast deers? Now, Shira realized that despite having such strength, without the help of the team, he is unable to catch one prey. The lion regretted and understood the importance of teamwork. He started to value team contribution. And realized that it is not about who’s doing more. Shira went to see his friends. They were so upset. He  apologized for his behavior and once again the jungle started trembling with his roar.

Lesson learned

Dear reader, whether you are into sports, working in the corporate world, or doing business; It is very important to understand the importance of teamwork. Every member of the team is important and plays a small role in achieving any goal. Naturally, not all fingers are equal, It is possible for a team member to act as someone else. But if those who make significant contributions believe that they should receive the credit for everything, they are wrong. So, instead of feeling proud and arrogant, we have to appreciate the contributions of the rest of the team. Another very important message in this story, it is to apologize if you realize that you have made a mistake. When you realize your mistake, ask for forgiveness. Do not make it an ego problem and, apologize.