The system has power, we all experience it. But sometimes our organization (team) begins to weaken, which affects team performance. Achieving success requires the awareness of the qualities of a full team. 

What are the lineaments of a full team?

Let’s know how an effective team is organized and what teamwork needs. While a group of people may meet and turn into a team accidently, the same team never meets any goal by coincidence. There are many tasks that one cannot perform without  someone else’s assistance. 

What are some perfect examples of teamwork? 

When some people work together to achieve a specific finish, they are determined to teamwork. A folk of birds, football team, and firefighting team who collaborate together during disasters, all are pure models of teamwork.

Muhammad Helmy firefighter-teamwork

Teamwork to the squad is similar to oil to the operation of the automobile. Oil smooths t operation of the engine and increase car performance. 

The personal goal of each team member should be the team’s overall success. Therefore, when team members think of their contributions as a team to the project, we have teamwork.  But, when each one of them considers his input turning a blind eye to the contributions of the rest of the team, we’re talking about hindrance.

Clear Objectives

The ultimate goal is the primary motivation for team building and team spirit. The clarity of purpose and its value helps to have a teamwork spirit.

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It is like winning the World Cup:

The fans with the sports team are all one team. “You have to do your best to encourage us positively, and we have to do all we can to get the World Cup.”, a football player once said. 


Communication is important for success. The manner in which the team communicates facilitates or disrupts project implementation. The nature of any dialogue affects the level of cooperation and the intensity of the skirmish between the members of the team. Thus, Team members must adhere to a decent dialogue. If the dialogue is elegant, the upshot will be beneficial. 


Team Members Competence

The second most significant aspect of teamwork is the Competence of the team. Team members don’t have to  be all perfect. But they must have a commitment towards the ultimate goal. For example a two-member team. A’s strength is his backhand and B’s strength is his forehand. ‘A’ sets Points up and ‘B’ ends them up. They move in harmony with each other. 

 Clarity of Roles 

The next important aspect is that each member of the team understands his role well and respect the role of the other team members also. Rowing (sport) makes a good example. Rowing team members play different roles. While most members run the boat, only one person works to inspire and motivate the team. Consequently, all roles are important. 


Acceptance of differences 

People overlook individual differences when they are present among a large number of people. Similarly, in a good team, there may be differences between team members, but it is necessary for teamwork purposes to overcome the same. The team should consciously deal with conflicts. The team leader can have a positive influence on the harmony between team members.


Team Leader 

Team Leader has a key role in teamwork. He is part of the team as well. Works for team members and leads by example. 

In conclusion, teamwork needs to be consciously done. Team members must handle differences positively and maintain good intentions in dealing with each other.