India has accomplished remarkable achievements. Accomplishments can not be achieved without a team and rational leadership. All developing countries that have not been able to reach India have problems in leadership and teamwork. There is no question about this. In this article, the reader looks at one of the India’s lessons about leadership and teamwork. The lesson is simple but deep. The best in the book is that the writer inspired many lessons from Indian culture. This is really fun and different. It is interesting to learn a lesson about leadership and teamwork where you do not experience the presence of Western civilization. Please:


The Book Title:

The first condition of successful management is teamwork and skilled leadership. By Vijay Joshi

An introduction by Mark Tully
(Well-known international journalist and writer)

The solutions which are given in this book of successful management will prove to be successful in fulfilling the great need of intellectual and better management in India. In the coming years, the role of management in the field of manufacturing in India will be very conclusive and this will determine the direction of welfare and prosperity of the whole country.

Muhammad Helmy book

Indeed, most Indian companies have not been studied or studied inadequately in this direction during most of the recent years. B.H.E.L. Has earned a lot of reputation, as a well-managed institution by General Manager, Vijay Joshi. This book contains his long life experiences. I particularly appreciate the style of the author who presents management in a simple way. Management principles are often made difficult by unnecessary and complex concepts. With this, managers have to face the state of confusion rather than being able to achieve excellent results by their efficiency and discretion. I am convinced that the solutions of successful management that have been given in this book will prove to be successful in fulfilling the great need of intelligent and better management in India.

Mark Tully

Presenting some portions from the book

Self talk

India, the country of folk tales and mute animals can also give meaningful messages to the human mind, the same has been proven by the Jataka tales and the Panchatantra. Among these tales is more important than any person, time or place. These stories are truly a wonderful and memorable document. Because they are simply explained with easy examples that cannot be explained by long novels or lectures.

The challenges are increasing over time. Effective management is the most important requirement of these days. If we are able to draw important concepts from the actions of people and then clarify them by mentioning similar daily examples, then we have made an innovative and unique effort. This book is the result of these attempts. I would be lucky if my experience of the process I have gained over the past 30 years is seen as worthy.

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I would also be lucky if it was possible to do something that came out as a result of this experience. There is nothing new in all this. The happiness I feel when I consider this book a pearl is no less than the joy of performing any prayer. At this time I feel full of happiness and confidence.
All want happiness
All want to be healthy
Want to be successful in all work
All want to be rich and prosperous
Want all fame
All want to be stress free
Forget that tomorrow is gone
Do not worry about the future, which is going to come.
Conflict with simplicity. Simplicity, perseverance and self-confidence are part of the present.

Vijay Joshi

Psychology of Management

While without leadership, the team becomes like a mob group of people who have no direction or even purpose and benefit from its existence, leadership without a team is the peak of zero. While team members are required to provide an embodiment of a plan or to implement it successfully, leadership is essential for planning itself. Therefore, the first condition of successful management is that both parties understand the importance of each other. Then they are required to walk together, step by step, for the success of the task by abandoning their importance (ego). One of the best examples of this is the parade during national or public functions where the whole party goes step by step and passes through the front of the platform. In such a situation, a rhythm emerges during work, which provides wonderful happiness and the work takes the form of a mission.

Collective Responsibility

The piece of music is a combination of various tones. A variety of musical tones combined with each other making a glass of juice. Listeners becomes as if they are, joyfully, drenched in juice while listening to a musical piece. In this example, leadership turns into a grand celebration of a grand ceremony by the bearer of a small wand. Imagine what would happen if the group started playing in their own way without any consideration for the leader. And each player is to pay more attention to his personal ambitions and fame. Although each player is a professional player, without a leader, they will become the creators of a raucous environment.

Surrender your ego

Therefore, it is very important to understand that when you work in the group, you will have to accept the guidance of the leadership with an open mind, by uprooting your importance in the interest of the success of the work, after rising above the confluence of your personal ambitions.
As a person, you are extremely intelligent, sharp and efficient, but unless you learn teamwork, you will face a question mark before you achieve any significant.
The responsibility of leadership is similar to that of the head of the family.
Everyone has a sense of interest, talent, intelligence in the family. Everyone has to bear the same sense while carrying the family forward and forth on the path of progress. This is also true, by 100 per cent, in the case of group. Unless they create an environment of mutual love, harmony and cooperation, they will not be able to connect or move on in one formula. All the members are like a scattered pearls that need someone who has the ability to collect the pearls and make a necklace through the power of leadership. Leadership in itself should be in the form of a making a beautiful necklace. The search for the other pies – this is the basic mantra of leadership. Without achieving the goal of intellect, diligence, patience and love, leadership is unimportant.


The book was an interesting intellectual experience of the writer. He felt the ecstasy of innovation while writing the book. The book reflects his long experience in management and leadership and his ability to express and draw principles and put them in the form of examples easy to understand. Vijay Joshi emphasized that leadership has not benefit without a team and the team does not achieve success without rational leadership. Additionally, there are responsibilities for both the leader and the team. Furthermore, teamwork has many requirements, most important of which is to abandon the personal and higher ambitions in order to achieve the general goals of the team.